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Istanbul Foods

Not much cooking this week… we were not home. Locked up the door, gathered some clothes up in a suitcase and went off to beautiful Istanbul, once capital of the

The Olives: Part Three

Hiya, all! This final post in the “olives” series is also my entry for my dear, dear pal Barbara’s spice challenge (“going back to school” and learning about spices). Now

A Dessert from the Past: Flan!

Seasoned readers of this blog have probably gathered that I don’t eat a lot of dessert. I try to stick to fresh fruit for my sweets, and it works out

Whole Grains Chart: A Service to the Public

In her fabulous book Sunlight Cafe, Mollie Katzen devotes a special chapter to whole grains and their cooking methods. In her honor, and as a service to the public, I’m

The Olives: Part Two

What we see here in the picture, folks, is our new “olive cellar”, containing – yes – FIFTEEN jars of olives! We used different recipes for the olives. About half

The Olives: Part One

My gentle readers have probably noticed how useful olive oil is in our Tel Aviv kitchen; there’s hardly a recipe without it. Olives, and olive oil, are an inseparable part

Madison County in Tel Aviv

Stuffed peppers… not necessarily a romantic dish, isn’t it? When we think of romantic dining, some delicate, nouvelle-cuisine thing in delicate china comes to mind. Preferably something that is eaten

Food is More than Chemistry

A few weeks ago I was stranded in an airport with a pal of mine on the way to a conference. We sat in a little coffee shop, having juice


Okra, or Bamia, as we call it in Israel, is a much maligned vegetable. It stands, right next to cilantro and buckwheat, on the love-’em-or-hate’em shelf of foods in our

Eggplant and Squash!

It was a tad – just a tad – less hot the last few days. So, we rolled up our sleeves (absurd – who wears sleeves in this weather?) and