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Oh, Boy, What do I do with this?

Yesterday, I had lunch with my dear grandparents at their house. Lunch at the grandparents’ is always a source of joy. Beyond the pleasure of hanging out with them, my

Quinoa Tabouli

Extremely easy recipe, and a good substitute for burgul, or, as Americans call it, “bulgur”. True, not the traditional main ingredient, so probably not for purists; but very tasty nevertheless.

Travelling and Eating Healthy

Hiya all, We’re en route to Berkeley, California, where we’ll spend the next two weeks – mostly working, but also meeting old and new friends. We’re very happy about the

Squash Challenge

It’s Wednesday! Hurrah! In a house that receives its weekly quota of fresh vegetables and fruit from Chubeza on Mondays, Wednesday is an interesting day. Gone is the excitement of

The Very Best Bowl of Oatmeal

One of the reasons for the big break I took from posting was feeling exhausted after spending a month and a half flying back and forth between Israel and the