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Humonetarianism Interview with Dean Wu

Please watch UC Hastings Dean Frank Wu interviewing me about my book in progress on the impact of the financial crisis on the American correctional landscape.

CCC Endorsements 2012: YES on 34. NO on 35. YES on 36.

In two weeks, California voters will be offered the opportunity to vote on three criminal justice initiatives: Prop 34, which would replace the death penalty with life without parole; Prop

No on 35

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been asked, in professional and personal settings, to comment on Prop 35, billed as Stop Human Trafficking. I have given this

Federal Panel to State: Plata Quotas Will Not Be Reduced

In a story that is getting surprisingly little press, today’s Reporter reported on the federal three-judge panel’s response to the State’s request to modify Plata requirement. The long and the

Bringing Out-Of-State Inmates Home

A story published this summer on the California Watch examined the possibility of bringing back 9,500 California inmates currently serving their term in private institutions run by Correctional Corporation of America

Media Access to Prisons

SHU solitary exercise yard. Credit: Nancy Mullane for KALW. About a week ago, KALW ran a fascinating story about media access to California prisons. Nancy Mullane has been struggling to

Prop 36 and the Gift of Fear

Current polls show Proposition 36, the initiative to amend the Three Strikes Law to require that the third strike be not just any felony but a serious or violent felony,