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Criminal Justice in CA Mapped: 2009-2010

The California Sentencing Institute, an initiative of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, has a new interactive map tool distinguishing all of California’s counties based on incarceration rates, felony admissions, mental health rates,

Less Prison, Less Crime: SF Does Things Right

This evening I attended a town hall event with Senator Mark Leno and other guests. The event focused on criminal justice reform in California, but most of the time was spent

Inside the Belly of the Beast: Correctional Corporation of America and the Recession

Much of what we’ve written about this year has to do with the scaling back of the punitive project because it has become financially unsustainable. We have come to call

Elections 2012: Government is Local

Yesterday’s election results elicited happiness from many quarters. President Obama begins his second term confronted with serious economic issues, but aided by a senate that includes more women than ever,

BREAKING NEWS: Prop 34 Leading in Polls

The Chron reports: A ballot measure to repeal California’s death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole has gained support in the last week and leads by