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Pelican Bay Ordered to Cease Race-Based Punishment

Pelican Bay Prison. Image courtesy CDCR website. The California Court of Appeal has just issued a decision in re Jose Morales. The decision prohibits Pelican Bay Prison’s practice of race-based

More on Felon Enfranchisement: Voter Turnout in Israeli Prisons Surges

Today’s short commentary comes from Israel, where exit poll results are out. Big political questions aside, there has been an interesting change in voter turnout in ballots located in prisons.

Film Review: The House I Live In

Eugene Jarecki’s new film The House I live in, which is currently available for purchase streaming from Amazon and iTunes, opens with a press conference featuring Richard Nixon. Flanked by

Redball Crimes and Criminalization: Why Gun Control Makes Sense

The last few days have seen abundant web commentary for and against President Obama’s gun control legislation plan, as well as some localized efforts in that direction. Critiques based on

New Homelessness Decriminalization Bill

AB 5, a new Assembly bill by Tom Ammiano, aims at decriminalizing homelessness. Titled The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act, the bill aims at providing legal representation

Is Realignment Obsolete? Harmful?

In recent days, realignment isn’t getting much love. A Wall Street Journal story this week blames realignment for a recent rise in property crime. Veteran readers of this blog, read

Put us in your calendar! News on our Upcoming CCC Conference

We want to remind our readers that the California Correctional Crisis conference will be held March 21-22 at the California State Building in downtown San Francisco!Among our featured speakers will

Restorative Justice in Murder Cases

Conor McBride and Ann Grosmaire in 2010.Courtesy the Grosmaire family and the New York Times. In 2001, still in practice as a reservist for the Israeli Military Defense Counsel’s office,

Guns, Pediatricians, and Framing Violence Risks

Joey, 11, killed his first deer when he was 7. He lives withhis family in Kentucky.Image from New York Times “Where Children Sleep“photo essay. Is it within a pediatrician’s authority