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A Fundraiser for Homeboy Industries

As a few blog readers might know, when not fighting the California correctional ogre, I am an open water marathon swimmer. In 24 days, I will swim the Tampa Bay

California Correctional Crisis: Realignment and Reform, Day 2

What an incredible second day we had. It started off with a conversation about prison and health care. Michael Bien of Rosen, Bien, Galvan and Grunfeld went head to head

California Correctional Crisis: Realignment and Reform, Day 1

Day One of our conference went by smoothly and raised a variety of important issues for discussion. On the introductory panel, Jonathan Simon and I tried to offer grand narratives

Today! California Correctional Crisis: Realignment and Reform

California Correctional Crisis: Realignment and Reform starts this afternoon! Join us today and tomorrow for a conversation about the promises and challenges of state criminal justice and corrections. For those

Stop Torture: The Continuing Fight Against Solitary Confinement. Guest Post by Ashley Toles and Courtney Oxsen

The following is a post by Ashley Toles and Courtney Oxsen, who organized the incredible event on solitary confinement at Hastings yesterday. Pictures are by Ashley Toles and Robert Hammill.

Riverside Jail Inmates Sue over Conditions

Breaking news from the Prison Law Office: Three inmates at the Riverside jail have just served a federal action suit over their conditions, particularly the appalling health care. The press release provides

TODAY! Join us to reignite struggle against solitary confinement!

Today’s panel will feature people who have done time in the SHU, family members of current SHU inmates, doctors, lawyers, activists… a real opportunity to hear insiders’ accounts of the

Solitary Confinement Punishes Families, Too

The Huff Post published a beautiful piece by Marie Levin, whose brother Ronnie (Sitawa) has been held in solitary confinement for the last twenty-three years. Marie’s piece is a reminder

Why Civil Representation Matters

For the most part, this blog covers criminal and correctional matters. But this New York Times story makes me think that the distinction between criminal and civil law isn’t all

U.N. Expert on Torture Calls for Investigation of Use of Solitary Confinement

Today’s International Law Prof Blog reports: The United Nations expert on torture has called on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to investigate the practise of solitary confinement and its