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Hunger Strike Resumes on July 8

The hunger strike over conditions in SHU units in California resumes on July 8. Those who have been following this blog during the previous hunger strike may remember that, in

Three Federal Judges to Jerry: Comply Immediately

Yesterday, a three-judge panel tired of the state’s evasion maneuvers ordered the Governor to comply with the original Plata mandate. The Sac Bee reports: In a sharp rebuke of Gov.

Happy Father’s Day to Incarcerated Dads

Every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the Get on the Bus project brings children to visit parents in prison. This laudable initiative should draw our attention to the fact that, for

Riverside Jail Sends Inmates to Fire Camps

Image courtesy This Wednesday, Riverside County Jail became the first county institution to send inmates to California’s fire camps, in which state prisoners help put out fires. Richard de

Federal vs. State Prison Conditions

Yesterday’s afternoon saw a story by Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic about recent scandals of inmate abuse and neglect in four states. First, on May 22, the Civil Rights Division

Death Penalty in Limbo

On June 7th, Richard Ramirez, otherwise known as the Night Stalker, became the 85th inmate to die of natural causes while on San Quentin’s Death Row. Many Californians still remember

Are Crime Victims Punitive?

Research on punitiveness consistently teaches us that, surprisingly, being a crime victim does not make one more punitive. Incidents like today’s death of notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez of natural

Richard Ramirez becomes 85th Death Row Inmate to Die of Natural Causes

Richard Ramirez, whose horrific crimes terrified residents of Southern California and beyond in the 1980s, died in San Quentin’s Death Row today of natural causes. The AP reports: Ramirez, 53,