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A Jury Trial in Brazil

On September 3, 2008, Marcos Venicius Amon Barbosa finished his 48-hour shift at the shipyard. Before driving home, he stopped for a drink. Shortly after he resumed his trip, he

CCC Visit to a Maximum Security Prison in Brazil

I got extremely lucky today. My very gracious hosts here in Vitoria organized for me to visit a maximum security prison out of town! Brazilian prisons are fairly brutal places

CCC Field Trip: Vitoria, Brazil – Appellate Courts

I am visiting Vitoria, Brazil, as part of a collaboration between Hastings and Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES), who has invited a few of us to offer a week-long

New Law Bans Inmate Sterilization

This trend has, thankfully, somewhat changed, and we know much more about the experience of female inmates thanks to the works of feminist criminologists and human rights lawyers and advocates.

BREAKING NEWS: Appeal in Jones v. Chappell

I have disappointing news to share: the Attorney General has decided to appeal in Jones v. Chappell. I am not surprised, but I am very disappointed, just as all of

Preview of Cheap on Crime – and talk today!

Points, the blog of the Alcohol and Drugs Historical Society, ran an interview with me about Cheap on Crime.  If you’re in San Francisco today and want to learn more,

Ferguson Coverage

Just a reminder that I’m blogging about Ferguson and other related law enforcement matters over at Iron in War.

Offshoot Sister Blog: Iron in War

Friends and readers – I have a new sister blog to CCC called Iron in War, in which I blog about matters pertaining to the front end of the criminal

Happening Right Now: CA Assembly Vote on Crack/Cocaine Disparity

As we speak, the California Assembly is voting on SB 1010, which, if passed, will eliminate the sentencing disparities between powder and crack cocaine in California. The rest of the

More Death Penalty News: Robert Justice Comes to the Rescue

On Monday morning, I drove to Sacramento and submitted this petition, calling on Gov. Brown and Attorney General Harris not to appeal the decision in Jones v. Chappell, in which