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Terrific Vegetable Soup

I just made a big pot of wonderful vegetable soup. For some reason, the combination of vegetables yielded a gentle, fragrant soup, perfect for a cold day. 2 leeks4 Celery

Reading Recommendations for the Summer

Those of you who are following the news might appreciate a few of these books as summer companions that offer some context for what we’re seeing in policing and the

Stunningly Wonderful Carrot Soup

I’ve just made a simple and marvelous carrot soup! I’m not usually fond of pureed soups, but I had fresh organic carrots and coconut milk and this turned out to

SB-328 Passes, Determines Criteria for Trying Juveniles as Adults

Source: Legislative Analyst’s Office SB 382, coauthored by Senators Ricardo Lara and Mark Leno, clarifies the criteria under which the criminal justice system should determine whether to try a juvenile

Just for a few days! Casa Corazones blog

Just for the next three days, I’ll be blogging about the comings and goings of robins and other small birds on the electrical cables around my backyard. Enjoy!

Obama’s Post-Punitivism

President Obama’s speech yesterday at the NAACP was a dream come true for American prison reformers, who have waited for decades to hear a U.S. president retreat from the punitive

Britain’s Correctional Crisis

Yesterday’s Guardian reported that English and Welsh prisons are “at their worst level for 10 years.” This is according to a report by Nick Hardwick, the exiting Chief Inspector of Prisons,

Middle Eastern Summer Dinner

Our friend Daniel is staying with us for a couple of days, and we were very happy to host him and his son for dinner. It was a nice summery

How the Media Talks About Prison Homicide: A Murder in Vacaville

A couple of months ago, news outlets reported a murder in California State Prison, Solano. The murder did not make headlines until yesterday, when it suddenly returned to the news

Should San Francisco Rethink Its Sanctuary City Policy? The Price of “Redball’ Cases

Immigration and crime rates in the United States, 1999-2013.Source: American Immigration Council. The tragic death of Kathryn Steinle at Pier 14 is senseless, brutal, and, of course, a horrific loss to