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Banana Cake

Emboldened by the successful poached pear pie, I decided to do something about the four overripe bananas in our fruit basket. This came out delightful–moist, fragrant, wholesome, and not too

Podcast Review: Serial

On the last episode of the acclaimed podcast Serial, Sarah Koenig speaks to a retired police detective and asks him whether any murder case would raise the difficult questions raised

Poached Pear Pie

We’ve been invited to a post-Thanksgiving party called You’re Welcome! And we’re not coming empty-handed. This beautiful (and entirely vegan) pie will be our contribution to the festivities. 6 ripe

Delicate Zucchini Soup

It’s a cold post-Thanksgiving morning, with a gorgeous but deceitful sun outside. To stay warm, I made a simple green soup. It’s creamy, yet not too rich, and very easy

Film Review: Ant-Man

I’m on my way back home from the American Society ofCriminology annual meeting in Washington, DC, where I learned lots of interesting things. Such as, for example, that prison closures

Tom Kha Kai

The intense travel and business obligations have finally won: I’m unwell. Chad very kindly made a beautiful pot of Tom Kha Kai, one of my favorite Thai soups. 1/2 package


My one and only friend Dena has outdone herself again. Her birthday gift to me was Amanda Feifer’s beautiful book Ferment Your Vegetables.  Feifer, the owner of Phickle blog, is

Roasted Root Vegetables

This simple dish is something I often make to accompany other things. I got extremely lucky yesterday: Whole Foods had purple yams, which I had never seen before. The combination

White beans with Kale

Cannellini beans work very well with kale, and in this gentle recipe they combine to form a warm and satisfying dish. 4 cups cannellini beans, dry2 package dino kale2 tsp

Green Salad and Red Salad

Two of my favorite vegetable salads: a green one with avocado and grapefruit, and a tomato-mint based red one. Green Salad 1 large package mixed greens, or 50/50 mixed greens