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Long Sentences for Juveniles: Does Parole Fix Everything?

Today, the California Supreme Court decided People v. Franklin in a way that probably had both the defendant and the state feeling unsatisfied. The story is tragic in the same way

Foster v. Chatman and the Limits of the Sayable

This morning, the Supreme Court decided Foster v. Chatman, a case involving race considerations in jury selection proceedings in Georgia. There are two types of challenges that the prosecution and

The Ninth Circuit: The Feds are Responsible for the Health of Inmates in Privately-Managed Prison

Petitioner Richard Nuwintore with his attorneys,Ian Wallach and Jason Feldman, after their Ninth Circuit victory Today the Ninth Circuit decided Edison and Nuwintore v. U.S.–two cases involving the government’s responsibility

Mushrooms Stuffed with Polenta and Pesto

This odd photo depicts my contribution to our upcoming choir potluck: large-sized crimini mushrooms stuffed with creamy polenta and topped with sundried tomato and walnut pesto. They are in the

California June Elections: CCC Criminal Justice Endorsements

It’s that time again! Elections are afoot and CCC is here with criminal justice endorsements. Our thoughts about the candidates and proposals are limited to their criminal justice and corrections

Pasta Bake

Today’s the day we get our fresh vegetables from Albert and Eve, and before the shipment arrives I try to make something fabulous to use the leftovers. This time I