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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Wry Craigslist ad created in the aftermath of the Malheur takeover acquittal. My first reaction upon hearing of the acquittal of the defendants involved in the armed takeover in Oregon

Are You Against the Death Penalty? Good. Then Vote Against the Death Penalty.

It’s no big surprise that the Prop 62 campaign, which calls for the death penalty repeal, is working hard to build a coalition across political lines. Because of that, the

Vegan Pâté

Hurrah, my parents are visiting us! It’s always a pleasure to have them with us. And it’s even more of a pleasure that they have graciously accepted my polite request

This Election, Say No to Old-Skool Crime Panic: Part 1

Last Monday’s presidential debate was interesting for a variety of reasons. To me, a particularly interesting point was the reemergence of old-skool crime risk narratives. As I explain in Cheap