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Congratulations, HJCP! And, Moratorium Event

In all the excitement and fury about the Mueller report, I completely forgot to congratulate our new student-run journal at UC Hastings – the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment

Not Your Typical Mueller Report Opinion Piece

Let’s start with the obvious: Like all the other opinion pieces said, we’re dealing with a corrupt mob boss, a culture of lying and obfuscation, a paranoid president who was saved

Mueller Report, Redux

Yesterday I read the Mueller Report in preparation for a few TV appearances and created a Twitter thread condensing the entire report into about 180 tweets. Many people emailed and

On Populism in Criminal Justice Policy, and the Death Penalty Moratorium

Gavin Newsom’s recent announcement of a death penalty moratorium drew critique from supporters of capital punishment who argued that Newsom employed his executive power in a way that flies in the