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What a treat we all had this evening at the Law & Society Association Annual Meeting! We got to view the excellent Israeli documentary Advocate about attorney Leah Tsemel who

#LSA2020: Interacting in the Age of Zoom

This afternoon’s panel, titled Writing as Resistance: The Role of Literature in Law and Society, was delightful and mind opening. Chaired by LSA President Penelope Andrews (New York Law School)

#LSA2020: Risky Research in Dangerous Places

Today we opened the Law and Society Association’s Annual Meeting, an annual highlight of my professional life. Had we not been sheltering in place, I’d be in Denver, learning from

To Be Believed: Christian Cooper and the Scottsboro Boys

A few years ago we had a minor scandal at Hastings. A first-year female student who lived in our dorm reported an intruder to campus police. She came to her

Mango Chutney

Visiting my great-aunt Carmella always felt a bit like diving into an E.M. Forster or a Rudyard Kipling book. She and her late husband, Uncle Eli, traveled extensively abroad on

On Credibility and Goodness

The last few days have seen numerous stories discrediting Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden of rape, to the point that convictions based on her testimony could be

How to Vent During a Pandemic

A few years ago, Susan Silk and Barry Goldman penned a wonderful article in the L.A. Times about how to cope with situations involving suffering and grief. They advised to

Yesterday’s Monsters Book Talk at Tattered Cover

Today I gave a book talk at Denver’s legendary bookstore Tattered Cover and very much enjoyed discussing Yesterday’s Monsters with the wonderful Mikaley Osley. Here’s the video of the event.

COVID-19 Violations in Streets and in Suites: On the Inequitable Enforcement of Noncompliance

The New York Post reports good news (in itself a newsworthy event): The NYPD will no longer make arrests or hand out tickets if people flout the mask-covering rules in the Big

The Judean People’s Front vs. the People’s Front of Judea

There’s a wonderful scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian in which the titular character meets the People’s Front of Judea. Or, at least, that’s what he thinks. It’s best