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Wonderful Review of Yesterday’s Monsters in the SF Chronicle

I’m very happy to share a great review of Yesterday’s Monsters written by Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle. Review: ‘Yesterday’s Monsters’ shows parole system’s flaws in Manson cases

Getting Rid of No-Knock Warrants Isn’t Enough

Yesterday we received the news that only one of the police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor was to be indicted–and not for homicide, but for “wanton endangerment”

It’s Not Over: Alarming Rise in New Cases in CDCR

To read CDCR’s response briefs in the Marin cases and in Von Staich, you could think that the pandemic is dwindling in prison. The opposite is true: the last two

Explainer on Politics of Replacing Justice Ginsburg

Millions of people grieve the loss of legal giant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today and appreciate her enormous contributions to fairness and equality. I would have loved to discuss Justice

Homeopathic Criminal Justice Reform and Its Discontents

In my previous writings about the COVID-19 prison disaster (especially here and here), I relied on Ben Bernanke’s famous “triggers and vulnerabilities” model. I explained that the virus happened on

How Bar Applicants with Criminal Records Experience the Moral Character Determination

My paper “Moral Character: Making Sense of the Experiences of Bar Applicants with Criminal Records” is out from the Manitoba Law Journal. It is an interview-based study of bar applicants,

Uncomfortable Telling your Child that Meat Comes from Animals? Don’t Eat Animals

I try to be patient with the travails of parenting. Trust me, I have plenty of my own. But massive hypocrisies get my last nerve. See this parenting column from

Help Floridians Regain the Right to Vote

Florida is one of only four states in which people with felony convictions permanently lose their right to vote. In November 2018, Floridians sought to change this by passing Amendment

Gov. Newsom Clears Path for Incarcerated Firefighters to Work as Firefighters upon Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Governor’s Press Office Friday, September 11, 2020 (916) 445-4571 Governor Newsom Signs Bill Eliminating Barriers that Block Former Inmate Fire Crews from Becoming Career Firefighters After Serving

It’s September. No Sufficient Recourse from the State. Only Remedy is in Court.

Remember when, on July 10, Gov. Newsom announced the release of up to 8,000 people by late August? And remember when I said it was too little, too late, too