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Vegan Sourdough Mincemeat Babka

In case you are looking for more ways to grow as sourdough bakers, I highly recommend this fantastic cake. My mom used to buy cakes like this, leavened with commercial

What’s Up With the Pandemic Rise in Homicide Rates? Or, Beware the Lazy “Mass Releases” Take

There’s a really interesting op-ed by Jeff Asher and Ben Horwitz of AP Analytics in yesterday’s USA Today about the 2020 rise in homicide rates. Here’s an excerpt: The FBI

Policing and Experience: Why We Should Teach Mindfulness to New Cops

This morning brings an interesting story by Megan Cassidy of the Chronicle. The story compares two recent cases in which San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin brought charges against officers in

Grilled Eggplants Stuffed with Impossible Meat and Pomegranate

For today’s Christmas Eve brunch, we made a version of Oz Telem’s new recipe. I think ours benefits from the fact that the eggplants were grilled, and from some little

BREAKING NEWS: Important Legal Developments in Quentin, Plata Cases

The last few days have seen key developments in all three major COVID-19 lawsuits against CDCR. On the San Quentin front, the California Supreme Court granted CDCR’s petition for review…

Hōjicha Latte

Let’s take a wee break from all criminal justice/civil rights aspects of this annus horribilis to discuss one of the upshots: given the closure of cafés, which are my favorite

CDCR/CCHCS Issue Memorandum to Staff Re Testing Compliance–Nine Months Too Late

Here it is – only nine months too late: Mandatory Employee Testing and Non Compliance Accountability 12-21-20 by hadaraviram on Scribd

BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine Available for Staff AND Incarcerated People This Month

Today, CDCR Secretary Kathleen Allison communicated excellent news. The letter above reads: To All Loved Ones of Incarcerated Individuals and Valued External Stakeholders, We have an important update in our

Noblesse Oblige and the “Dr.” Controversy

On my second day of law school, in 1992, Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer, one of the most admired and respected civil rights academic heroes in Israel, came to our first-ever criminal

There. Is. Nowhere. To. Transfer.

Today we are hearing more rumblings about CDCR’s plans (irrespective of the Von Staich decision, they claim) to transfer elderly, infirm people between prisons. Where are they going to transfer