Hello, Everyone! Today I’m heading out to Lisbon, Portugal, for the annual meeting of the Law & Society Association. At the meeting I will be quite busy, participating in five panels:

Wednesday, July 13, 8:15-10:00am Lisbon time: Criminal Law. I will comment on three groundbreaking papers on topics ranging from the politics of self defense to the criminal responsibility of AI entities.

Thursday, July 14, 10:15am-12:00pm: Politics in and of Punishment. I will comment on papers examining public opinion, punitivism, and political machinations in punishment.

Friday, July 15, 2:45-4:00pm: Emotional Labour of Conducting Research. A topic near and dear to the heart of anyone doing work in and about correctional facilities, I will comment on papers unpacking the emotional toll of researching complicated settings (my comments will highlight, among other issues, secondary trauma, and provide some practical mindfulness and wellbeing tips for advocates and activists as well as journalists and interviewers.)

Saturday, July 16, 12:45-2:30pm: Punishment’s Nuance: Looking at Incarceration and Parole in New Contexts and Perspectives. I will present Chapter 3 of my forthcoming book with Chad Goerzen FESTER: Carceral Permeability and California’s COVID-19 Correctional Disaster, which surveys the pains of COVID imprisonment. Ashley Rubin will comment. The other papers of the panel are well worth hearing.

Saturday, July 16, 4:45-6:30pm: Contrasting penal trends across the Global North and the Global South III. I will comment on four papers by criminologists and social historians on the political economy of punishment across borders, and will center my remarks on the malleability of the concepts of “developed” and “developing” countries (a topic I discussed here.)

All of my panels, including locations, are listed in the event tabs of the blog. I’ve already read most of the papers I’m commenting on, and the quality is outstanding!

As the outgoing co-organizer for CRN 27, Punishment and Society, I also plan to attend our informational/social meting Wednesday (13 July) from 12:10 to 1:10 (location TBD for CRN members.) 

I am also the book review editor for Law & Society Review (until the end of 2022) and happy to discuss your new publication and how to celebrate it in our flagship journal. And, as a member of the LSA Publications Committee, am at your disposal if you want to discuss the open call for a new LSR editor-in-chief.

I do not have a Portuguese SIM, and my responsiveness to texts throughout the day will depend on internet availability. The safest way to schedule something with me is through my email (messages to this website end up in the same inbox, so you can do that, too.)

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