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Exhibition Review: Future Histories at SFMOMA

At dawn, sit at the feet of action. At noon, be at the hand of might. At eventide, be so big that sky will learn sky. Alice Coltrane (Swamini Turiyasangitananda)

Calder-Picasso at the de Young

Today I went to see Calder/Picasso at the de Young. It was superb. The grandsons of the two artists came together and created this interesting dialogue between their art, paying special

Aging, Trials, Accountability, and Justice – International and Domestic

I’ve just attended the first day of a terrific workshop on the aesthetics and visualities of prosecuting aging and frail defendants. The papers are fascinating and take on not only

Grilled Eggplants Stuffed with Impossible Meat and Pomegranate

For today’s Christmas Eve brunch, we made a version of Oz Telem’s new recipe. I think ours benefits from the fact that the eggplants were grilled, and from some little

CDCR/CCHCS Issue Memorandum to Staff Re Testing Compliance–Nine Months Too Late

Here it is – only nine months too late: Mandatory Employee Testing and Non Compliance Accountability 12-21-20 by hadaraviram on Scribd

Full Steam Ahead in the Wrong Direction

You may recall that the Court of Appeal’s population reduction order in Von Staich did not specify the method by which CDCR should go about population reduction (though it did

SAVE THE DATE: California Correctional Crisis: Mass Incarceration, Healthcare, and the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Friends, Three UC Hastings journals are coming together to organize an important symposium on incarceration and healthcare, focusing on the COVID-19 prison crisis. We are excited to invite you–details
shelter in place

Shelter In Place, Ch. 6

6 Caleb Caleb felt a bit silly amidst the most elegant crowd he had ever seen. He had arrived twenty minutes early and the place was already packed; to make

CDCR, Don’t Play Tetris with Human Lives

In her 2018 book Building the Prison State, my colleague Heather Schoenfeld provides a retrospective of the incarceration explosion in Florida. The root of the problem–the situation that facilitated the

Blackface Scandals Are the Logical Conclusion of the Performative Goodness Race

As if we don’t have bigger tofu slices to fry–with 57 days till the election, we absolutely do–the academic/activist left is atwitter (pun intended) about yet another blackface scandal. This