Mindfulness meditation offers us the invaluable opportunity to awaken to each present moment as it happens, sit with whatever arises in your life with acceptance and curiosity, and cultivate kindness and compassion for our fellow living beings. Here you can find my musings, dharma talks, and suggested practices for the mind and heart, as well as my courses and workshops.  

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Mendelssohn Reimagined: The Yom Kippur Conflict

The fierce conflict that erupted in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square on Yom Kippur showed how a classic political philosophy problem can come to blows. Religious organization Rosh Yehudi asked the
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An Imagination Hijacked by Orthodoxy

In 1818, a Jewish congregation in Hamburg established a constitution for a new temple. Energized by the emergence of the modern state and the prospect of emancipation for Jews, and
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Can We Hustle for Our Book Without Social Media?

A couple of years ago, after our San Quentin litigation ended, I left Twitter, an excellent decision that I do not regret one bit. The improvement in my quality of
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The Dream Is Over? Seasons in Fitness and Sports

There is a time for everything,    and a season for every activity under the heavens: 2     a time to be born and a time to die,    a time to plant and a time to
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Self-Compassion for Disillusioned Activists

In the sixties, Todd Gitlin, then a young, passionate student, became involved in the fight against the Vietnam war and in the struggle for equality. Alongside his friends at Students
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Book Review: Zohar Gazit’s A Struggle to the Death

Following the tragic passing of my father, I spent a lot of time thinking about mourning rituals, and particularly about the invaluable work of Menuha Nekhona (“A Righteous Rest”), the
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