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San Francisco County Jails

San Francisco County Jails Covid19 Data

COVID-19 data collected for San Francisco County’s Intake & Release Center, Jail #2 and Jail #3 by the Covid In-Custody Project Jail Population Cases & Testing Jail Staff Cases &
Fresno Co. California Main Jail

Fresno County Jails Covid19 Data

COVID-19 data collected for Fresno County’s Main Jail, North Annex Jail and South Annex Jail by the Covid In-Custody Jail Population Cases & Testing Raw Data Swab Lists California Covid-19
Sacramento Jail

Sacramento County Jails Covid19 Data

Sacramento County - Main Jail & Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Covid19 Statistics

The Pains of COVID-19 Imprisonment

This is a quick preview of the ideas presented in chapter 3 of our book in progress Fester: Carceral Permeability and the California COVID-19 Correctional Disaster (under contract with UC
covid-19 virus illustration

Triggers and Vulnerabilities: Why Prisons Are Uniquely Vulnerable to COVID-19 and What To Do About It

When I reviewed the causes and effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis for Cheap on Crime, I relied partly on a series of lectures given by Ben Bernanke, Director of the

Cause of Death

Source here. Today I came across this sobering table, which struck me as important not only for the obvious reasons. You’ll note that homicide is nowhere in the top-ten list of

Yes, We *Have* to Release People Originally Convicted of Violent Crime: The Last Hearing of Susan Atkins

Susan Atkins wheeled into her last parole hearing in 2009, accompanied by her husband,James Whitehouse. Photo credit: Ben Margot for the Associated Press. Latest news on prisoner release: A couple

Gov. Newsom, Please Release More Prisoners to Prevent CDCR from Becoming a Mass Grave

Dear Gov. Newsom, Many thanks for your tireless work on behalf of Californians in their hour of need. I can only imagine the multiple emergencies on your agenda and the

CA Divests from Private Prisons: Realistic? A Good Thing?

Hailed, and partly for good reasons, as a positive development, the Guardian today announces: The private prison industry is set to be upended after California lawmakers passed a bill on

CDCR Eliminates Inmate Copayments for Health Care

Today CDCR announced that, effective March 1, they will eliminate inmate copayments for healthcare, because an internal analysis reveals that copayments “have minimal fiscal benefit and are not aligned with