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Progressive Prosecution Meets Organizational Discombobulation: Chesa Boudin and the Case of the Police-Citizen Mutual Violence

Let’s start with the important stuff. My wonderful students have established an excellent new journal, the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment (HJCP). Issue no. 1 is already out, including

Facing Criminal Charges to Save Animals, Part III: Planning Open Rescue in the Shadow of the Law

Arrest during a protest in Petaluma. Photo credit: DxE. Whether or not the necessity defense applies, or should apply, to open rescue, is a doctrinal legal question. As a law

Facing Criminal Charges for Saving Animals, Part II: The Necessity Defense

Activist rescuing pigs. Photo courtesy DxE. Part I here The necessity defense is recognized in common law as a situation in which a person violates the law in order to

Facing Criminal Charges for Saving Animals, Part I: Open Rescue

DxE activists with rescued birds. Image courtesy Indybay. Hello, friends! I’m writing this from the Harvard Animal Law Policy Program, where I am a Visiting Fellow this fall. My plan for

When Cheap on Crime Becomes Mainstream: Santa Clara to Divert Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Chapter 3 of Cheap on Crime opens with a 2009 headline from the San Francisco Chronicle, which reads, “Many Contra Costa Crooks Won’t Be Prosecuted.” Who are said “crooks”? D.A.

Is Race “Baked” into the Criminal Justice System?

Today, San Francisco D.A. George Gascón announced a new program: race-blind prosecutions, aided by machine learning. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: “When I first became district attorney, one concern was

The Rise of the Progressive D.A.

San Francisco is ablaze with the news that a new contender has joined the race for District Attorney: Public Defender Chesa Boudin. The Chron reports: “We know the system is