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Ye Olde Ethical Guide to Vaccination

You guys, I got my first shot on Wednesday! That’s me in the picture with the fabulous pharmacist at the San Jose Walgreens who administered it. I can’t tell you

The Empathy at the End of Diversity

Yesterday, Heather Knight reported about the latest absurdity perpetrated by the San Francisco Unified School District board: A gay dad volunteers for one of eight open slots on a parent

Hooked on Trump: Impeachment, Extremism, and Addiction to Drama

This morning, House Managers are presenting the prosecution’s case at the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Much has been said, and will be said today, about the legal strategy

“Club Fed” and Other Imaginary Destinations

We’ve just finished the second day of the fantastic workshop at Groningen about the spectacle of bringing aging and frail defendants to trial and I’ve found the papers fascinating and

Transfers Into CDCR Facilities in October/November Correlate with Spike in Cases

I’ve just finished listening to the California Assembly hearing, which in part discussed the OIG report about the botched transfer to San Quentin. Most of the attention focused on this

Aging, Trials, Accountability, and Justice – International and Domestic

I’ve just attended the first day of a terrific workshop on the aesthetics and visualities of prosecuting aging and frail defendants. The papers are fascinating and take on not only

Federal District Court Orders Vaccination of Entire Oregon Prison Population Population: Plata Court Must Do the Same Immediately

This afternoon, Dr. Peter Chin-Hong of UCSF and I participated in an event hosted by Eastern State Penitentiary, as part of their Searchlight series, on vaccinating incarcerated populations. Here is

OIG Releases Scathing Report of CDCR’s Botched Transfer from CIM to Quentin, Corcoran

In the heels of its two previous reports (see 1 and 2), and just in time for Round 2 of litigation in In re Von Staich (to assess whether an