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Eight Things AG Rob Bonta Could Do for the CA Prison COVID-19 Crisis

One of the most astonishing contradictions of the last year has been the image of various California political leaders as Lefty Heroes of the Resistance while, on the local level,

News on Vaccines in County Jails

The vaccination protocol in county facilities continues to be sporadic, but there are some good news. First, on March 1, 2021, at the ACIP COVID-19 Emergency Meeting, Dr. Kathleen Dooling

Counties, Follow SF’s Lead and Vaccinate Your Jail Populations!

This morning’s Chron is full of delights. Not only is Mayor Breed moving to make the marvelous restaurant parklets permanent, but our county is expanding its vaccination protocols to include

Gov. Newsom and BSCC: The Prison COVID-19 Outbreak Has Calmed Down. You Can Prevent the Next Wave

For the first time in a year, there are some good news for CDCR facilities: As of this morning (see screenshot above) there are only 98 active COVID cases in

Advocating for Prison Vaccination Should Not Be a “PR Nightmare”

In the aftermath of the upsetting removal of prison populations from Tier 1B of vaccination in CA, and the horribleness of the Colorado debate over vaccinating in prisons, come more

Transfers Into CDCR Facilities in October/November Correlate with Spike in Cases

I’ve just finished listening to the California Assembly hearing, which in part discussed the OIG report about the botched transfer to San Quentin. Most of the attention focused on this

Federal District Court Orders Vaccination of Entire Oregon Prison Population Population: Plata Court Must Do the Same Immediately

This afternoon, Dr. Peter Chin-Hong of UCSF and I participated in an event hosted by Eastern State Penitentiary, as part of their Searchlight series, on vaccinating incarcerated populations. Here is

OIG Releases Scathing Report of CDCR’s Botched Transfer from CIM to Quentin, Corcoran

In the heels of its two previous reports (see 1 and 2), and just in time for Round 2 of litigation in In re Von Staich (to assess whether an

BPH, Parole Hearing Transcripts Are Public. Give Researchers Access Immediately

*** UPDATE: I just heard from the researchers that they won the lawsuit and got their data. They shared that “[t]he judge told off CDCR in no uncertain terms.” I’m

Announcing FESTER Under Contract

Beyond the obvious, today has been auspicious in a personal way, too. I’m elated to share that my book with Chad Goerzen, FESTER: Carceral Permeability and the California COVID-19 Prison